Boss Bidet // WeWork
Ping Pong Tournament Sign Up
Wed, September 18th, 2019
12 pm - 1 pm

WeWork Downtown HTX - 10th Floor & 3rd Floor (TBD)

Paddles and Balls will be provided. 

* We will have a coin toss before every game. The winner has preference of which side of the table he wants to play on and first serve selection.
* Regulation Ping Pong Rules
- Ball must be tossed up 6 inches on serve*

Opening Games - Game Play to 11 points (Win by 2). 
Semi Final & Final Game - Game Play to 21 points (Win by 2) 

Roll Call:
On the day of the tournament, we will email you in the morning to confirm the event.

Live Bracket Details:
First 8 Players registered will play. After, we may choose to expand bracket or create a standby list.

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