Boss Bidet Mini | Travel



Compact, Lightweight, and Powerful

The Boss Bidet Mini is a handheld travel bidet that allows your privates to feel shower clean wherever you go. 



Rectal & Genital Hygiene
Pregnancy & Postpartum cleansing
Baby & Toddler Cleaning
Hemorrhoids pain & Itch Relief
Pre & Post Sexual Activities
Reduces toiler paper usage by 80%



Eco-Friendly, Adjustable, and Discrete

The Boss Bidet Mini comes with an extendable sprayer to reach your butt and privates without getting yours hands dirty. It holds 12oz ( 380ml) of water. It also comes with a discrete carry bag. 

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The hand-held Boss Bidet easily fits in your daily routine. Keep it in your car, purse, gym bag, office, or bathroom. Whether you're running an errand or traveling around the world, Boss Bidet Travel goes everywhere.