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Top 5 Reasons why Bidets are better than toilet paper!

Ah, the bidet. Beloved by some and misunderstood by many. These days, with growing concerns about the environment and health, people are converting from dry, nasty old toilet paper to bidets in droves. And it isn’t just a fad; people from all over Asia and Europe have been using bidets since the dawn of modern plumbing, and their pipes are all the healthier for it. America’s just been lagging behind all this time.

Have you been thinking about joining the bidet revolution? Here are five reasons you should, and soon:

1. Bidets are cleaner.

Think about washing your hands after doing something particularly messy. You use soap and water to wash your hands—you don’t just wipe them off with a piece of dry paper and assume it’s all good. (At least, we really hope you don’t.) So why should your butt be any different? Bidets don’t just give you a feeling of freshness; you’re actually clean and germ-free.

2. Bidets mean healthier bottoms

And not just because they clean your bottom better. Listen, your bottom is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, and toilet paper can be chock full of chemicals and all sorts of nasty things. Paper is awfully abrasive and can leave you with little tears down there, where all sorts of germs and nasties can get in, causing hemorrhoids, abscesses, rashes, and fungal infections

3. Bidets are best for women and new mothers

If you’ve ever been on a period, you’ll know how things can get a bit uncomfortable down there after a long day of breaking glass ceilings. Bidets can help keep you fresh all day long. New mothers will also reap the benefits of portable bidets. You don’t have to carry around giant packs of wet wipes in your diaper bags anymore—all you need is one portable bidet and you and baby are all set!

4. Bidets help us save trees.

About 37 gallons of water are used to make one roll of toilet paper, and nine million trees are cut down every year to keep up with demand. Maybe that’s just us, but it sounds like a heck of a lot of resources wasted on wiping your bottom.

5. Bidets are better for our waterways.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Well, I’ll just use wet wipes! They’re soft and gentle and clean better than dry toilet paper, right?” We hope, for the sake of our world’s sewage system, that you’ll think again. Wet wipes aren’t biodegradable, and they pose a huge problem for our sewage systems. They get caught up in horrific blobs of waste, fat, and other non-biodegradable detritus called “fatbergs.” In fact, in 2017, they found a fatberg under Whitechapel, London, that weighed over 130,000 kilograms.

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What is a Portable Bidet?

Bidets are more popular in American homes every day. Used in Europe and Japan for centuries, more and more American buyers are getting into the benefits of using it. Convenience, comfort, and hygiene are some of them. Many models are still high in price, and some have features that only a small group of customers want.
At Boss Bidet, we have designed products that meet all these benefits into eco-friendly and non electric (mechanical) systems, with ergonomic and beautiful designs at excellent affordable prices.
The portable bidet is also known as bidet bottle or travel bidet. Our unique design: Boss Bidet | Mini Travel Bidet.
If you’re still not convinced how wonderful these devices are, please try one. They are at very low costs and as usable as your home attachable bidet model. They’re lightweight and require no water supply or electricity (a huge benefit for our planet and forest). For sure you’ll be persuaded after trying them. If you haven’t yet, you will want to upgrade to an attachable bidet model for your restroom after a short trial period. Or, you will want to have both, if you miss the one at home, out for gym, at work, travelling or anywhere far from home, you will be delighted in using your Mini Travel Bidet for when you’re on the go. 

What is a portable bidet?

In modern bathrooms, bidet and toilet appliances are often combined, but they are not the same, but historically and functionally they’re completely different devices. As toilet is used to capture waste, bidets are used to help remove them from you after using a toilet. The bidet (full-sized models or portable) sprays water on the anus and/or the genitals to remove unwanted material and cleanse you.

Both (attachable and portable bidets) feature the same basic ability: removing feces remaining after elimination, aiding feminine hygiene for menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum cleansing, cleaning before & after sexual activity, assisting senior citizens and disabled individuals, relieving hemorrhoids pain and itch, relieving constipation and preventing many diseases like urinary tract infection (UTI), among many other great health benefits.

A Boss Bidet | Mini Travel Bidet does the same, in a slightly different way than your home attachable bidet. Instead of being attached to your toilet seat, the portable system is an especially designed bottle containing a small portion of water (12.5 oz - 380 ml, enough for your after bathroom session) with retractable nozzles, that you can discreetly carry anywhere you need to. 

How does the Boss Mini Travel Bidet Work?

Does it really work? The answer is a definitive Yes.

Our portable bidets work in a mechanical way (squeezing the bottle). For people with special medical needs, in addition to water, you can fill the bottle with disinfectant, or other medications prescribed by your doctor.

You can take your Mini Travel Bidet anywhere with you. To use it, just hold it in your hand and fill with water, tighten the cap, place a finger in the built-in “airlock” located at the bottom to prevent unwanted leakage and turnover, remove the finger from the “airlock”, flip and aim the nozzle to spray where you need. Then, you only need to gently squeeze the bottle to start cleaning. After that, just dry with a few sheets of toilet paper. Now you are ready to walk away feeling shower clean, everywhere you need.

It is an affordable solution that effectively meets your cleansing needs.

Let’s dig into some of the features:

- It is a fine portable bidet you can carry anywhere you go.
- It comes with a carrying bag.
- It holds 380 ml (12.5 oz.) of water. This provides a great spray period, eliminating any need to refill during your session.
- It is highly beneficial for the elderly or people with recent surgeries or mobility problems because of its very soft-squeeze bottle.
- A really helpful feature is the central portion bottle design, the curve can improve your grip.
- Robust material.
- As you would expect from one of the world’s top bidet manufacturers, even our portable bidets are of very high quality.
- With only a little practice using the squeeze bottle, you can vary the pressure continuously.
- Hits a nice “Sweet spot” in price, size, portability, and functionality. 
- The bottle itself is small enough to fill in any public restroom but holds enough amount of water.
- Retractable nozzles give you two slightly different spraying angles simultaneously, not that far apart, so you can cover an entire needed area very efficiently.
- The longer nozzle provides an extra space between the Mini Travel Bidet and you. A very helpful feature for people with difficulty reaching around. i.e. back pain sufferers.
- Our quality control is very strong in every product coming from the manufacturing plant. It is a key for our design. Boos Bidet is a quality seal.
- Some people use Mini Travel Bidets at home, but they’re intended to be “on the go” when away from your home. For home use, we have bidet attachments designed to attach directly under your toilet seat. Please check our shop and blog for further information. You will find the perfect solution to yours and your family’s needs, a great and sexy design that will fit perfectly in your bathroom.