Top 5 Reasons why Bidets are better than toilet paper!

Ah, the bidet. Beloved by some and misunderstood by many. These days, with growing concerns about the environment and health, people are converting from dry, nasty old toilet paper to bidets in droves. And it isn’t just a fad; people from all over Asia and Europe have been using bidets since the dawn of modern plumbing, and their pipes are all the healthier for it. America’s just been lagging behind all this time.

Have you been thinking about joining the bidet revolution? Here are five reasons you should, and soon:

1. Bidets are cleaner.

Think about washing your hands after doing something particularly messy. You use soap and water to wash your hands—you don’t just wipe them off with a piece of dry paper and assume it’s all good. (At least, we really hope you don’t.) So why should your butt be any different? Bidets don’t just give you a feeling of freshness; you’re actually clean and germ-free.

2. Bidets mean healthier bottoms

And not just because they clean your bottom better. Listen, your bottom is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, and toilet paper can be chock full of chemicals and all sorts of nasty things. Paper is awfully abrasive and can leave you with little tears down there, where all sorts of germs and nasties can get in, causing hemorrhoids, abscesses, rashes, and fungal infections

3. Bidets are best for women and new mothers

If you’ve ever been on a period, you’ll know how things can get a bit uncomfortable down there after a long day of breaking glass ceilings. Bidets can help keep you fresh all day long. New mothers will also reap the benefits of portable bidets. You don’t have to carry around giant packs of wet wipes in your diaper bags anymore—all you need is one portable bidet and you and baby are all set!

4. Bidets help us save trees.

About 37 gallons of water are used to make one roll of toilet paper, and nine million trees are cut down every year to keep up with demand. Maybe that’s just us, but it sounds like a heck of a lot of resources wasted on wiping your bottom.

5. Bidets are better for our waterways.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Well, I’ll just use wet wipes! They’re soft and gentle and clean better than dry toilet paper, right?” We hope, for the sake of our world’s sewage system, that you’ll think again. Wet wipes aren’t biodegradable, and they pose a huge problem for our sewage systems. They get caught up in horrific blobs of waste, fat, and other non-biodegradable detritus called “fatbergs.” In fact, in 2017, they found a fatberg under Whitechapel, London, that weighed over 130,000 kilograms.

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Top 11 reasons to get a bidet

People’s tendency is to cringe when you mention a bidet. They look at you like you’re strange. They wonder what kind of person would want to use such a bizarre device. Maybe they don’t know the many benefits to installing a modern bidet into your bathroom.
Also, majority of people do not know that toilet paper is bleached to make it white and contains perfumes and chemicals that can cause irritation. This is the reason that water is a more soothing and comfortable way to clean.

1. Hygiene

What if your hands are dirty? You wouldn’t only wipe them off with toilet paper, right? You would clean them under water and soap, and then dry them off. That said, why use toilet paper when cleaning your behind? It’s a sensitive area that demands proper hygiene. Having an attachable bidet in your toilet will provide you the cleanliness you deserve.

2. Pays for Itself

Toilet paper is expensive. The average cost of a 12-pack is between $8-$15. Over time, you will spend much more than purchasing a high quality bidet. Even with a large family you will use a small fraction of the toilet paper you would without a bidet, with better and cleaner results. Think about this, with all the money you save on toilet paper you can buy something better.

3. Eco-Friendly

Each year 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are used in America. Installing an attachable bidet in your toilet is an environmentally friendly solution. The amount of toilet paper used by people with bidets is minuscule if you compare to those without. You won’t waste water, and forests will be allowed to triumph.

4. Health Benefits

Bidets prevents and aids with health problems. They have enough pressure, and specialized nozzles. Attachable bidets will help relieve the discomfort that comes from health issues, like hemorrhoids, constipation, and cleansing for disabled citizens. Those with swollen or painful areas will never suffer that pain of rough toilet paper again. They can prevent UTIs (Urinary tract infections) and assist pregnant and handicapped individuals with proper cleaning. 

5. Luxury

Let's be honest, bidets are fancy, and your butt deserves only the best. While most bidet fixtures are super expensive and take up a lot of space, Boss Bidet is a luxury attachment that doesn't need any additional plumbing. Simple to follow steps will quickly enhance the appearance of your toilet with a high quality modern design by its side. Your family and friends will be impressed when they walk into your bathroom and see this state-of-the-art bidet attachment.

6. Kids

Hygiene is a very important issue for your children's tushy and taking proper measures will help keep them away from getting sick. An attachable bidet will also help them to learn hygiene habits. Washing themselves after every visit to the bathroom will be a great reminder for children to follow when they perform bathroom hygiene.

7. Prevents Clogging

By substituting a bidet for wet wipes, you will drastically reduce the amount of plumbing issues in your bathroom. Unlike toilet paper, wet wipes are thick and do not easily break down when flushed down your toilet. If your house is not connected to the city sewer system, your septic tank will have a limit. With a bidet in your toilet, you will reduce the amount of waste you’re flushing.

8. Better for People with Mobility Issues

If you or one of your family members suffer from a disability or injury that causes problems to reach behind them, this can cause hygiene issues. Bidets will eliminate the need for hand wiping. This is also a perfect solution for the elderly and the less mobile.

9. Less Harsh on Damaged Skin

If you suffer from rashes or hemorrhoids, these can be increased by toilet paper. Attachable bidets offer a water spray alternative. As the jets of water help ensure you are clean, this will also reduce the risk for skin damage or infections.

10. Reduces Risk of Infections

Frequent urinary tract infections can be irritating when you have to use curative care treatments. An attachable bidet will help reduce the risk of getting an infection and they will help clean the area and will prevent bacteria entering the urethra.

11. Saves Water

Bidet uses water, but the amount of water it takes to manufacture toilet paper is severely higher. Manufacturing a roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water. A bidet uses an eighth of a gallon.
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