Top 11 reasons to get a bidet

People’s tendency is to cringe when you mention a bidet. They look at you like you’re strange. They wonder what kind of person would want to use such a bizarre device. Maybe they don’t know the many benefits to installing a modern bidet into your luxury bathroom.

Did you know toilet paper is bleached to make it white and contain perfumes and chemicals that cause irritation?  Water is a more soothing and comfortable way to clean.

1. Hygiene

What if your hands are dirty? you wouldn’t only wipe them off with toilet paper, right?. You would clean them under water and soap, and then dry them off. That said, why use toilet paper when cleaning your behind when you are finished using the bathroom? It’s a sensitive area that demands proper hygiene. Having an attachable bidet in your toilet will provide you the cleanliness you deserve.

2. Pays for Itself

Toilet paper costs is about $10-$15 for a 12-pack. This means over time you’ll spend more than purchasing a high quality bidet. Even with a large family you will use a small fraction of the toilet paper you would without a bidet, with better and cleaner results. Think about this, with all the money you save on toilet paper you can buy something better.

3. Eco-Friendly

Each year 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are used in America. Installing an attachable bidet in your toilet is an environmentally friendly solution and you can help lower this number. The amount of toilet paper used by people with bidets is minuscule if you compare with those without. You won’t waste water, and forests will be allowed to prevail.

4. Health Benefits

Bidets will help people with health problems. They have enough pressure, and specialized nozzles. Attachable bidets will help relieve the discomfort that comes from these health problems. Those with swollen or painful areas will never suffer that pain of rough toilet paper again.

5. Luxury

When purchasing a high end, top quality attachable bidet you will not only complement your bathroom design, you will also add value to it. They’re the ultimate and really cool classic “toilet-sink-shower” bathroom upgrade. People will be impressed when they walk into your bathroom and see this state-of-the-art bidet attachment.

6. Kids

Hygiene is a very important issue for children and will help keep them away from getting sick. An attachable bidet will also help them to learn hygiene habits. Washing themselves after every visit to the bathroom will be a great reminder for children to follow when they perform bathroom hygiene.

7. Prevents Clogging

A bidet will reduce your toilet paper use. It is not only cost effective, but will also help prevent toilet clogging. If your house is not connected to the city sewer system, your septic tank will have a limit. With a bidet in your toilet, you will reduce the amount of waste you’re flushing.

8. Better for People with Mobility Issues

If you or one of your family members suffer from a disability or injury that causes problems to reach behind them, this can cause hygiene issues. Bidets will eliminate the need for hand wiping. This is also a perfect solution for the elderly and the less mobile.

9. Less Harsh on Damaged Skin

If you suffer from rashes or hemorrhoids, these can be increased by toilet paper. Attachable bidets offer a water spray alternative. As the jets of water help ensure you are clean, this will also reduce the risk for skin damage or infections.

10. Reduces Risk of Infections

Frequent urinary tract infections can be irritating when you have to use curative care treatments. An attachable bidet will help reduce the risk of getting an infection and they will help clean the area and will prevent bacterias entering the urethra.

11. Saves Water

Bidet uses water, but the amount of water it takes to manufacture toilet paper is severely higher Manufacturing a roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water. A bidet uses an eighth of a gallon.


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What is a Portable Bidet?

Portable Bidet

Bidets are more popular in American homes every day. Used in Europe and Japan for centuries, more and more American buyers are getting into the benefits of using it. Convenience, comfort, and hygiene are some of them. Many models are still high in price, and some have features that only a small group of customers want.

At Boss Bidet, we have designed products that meet all these benefits into eco-friendly and nonelectric (mechanical) systems, with ergonomic and beautiful design at excellent affordable prices.

The portable bidet is also known as bidet bottle or travel bidet. Our unique design: Boss Bidet | Mini Travel Bidet.

If you’re still not convinced how wonderful these devices are, please try one. They are very low cost, as usable as your home attachable bidet model. They’re lightweight and require no water supply or electricity (a huge benefit for our planet and forest). For sure you’ll be persuaded after trying them. If you haven’t yet, you will want to upgrade to an attachable bidet model for your restroom after a short trial period. Or, you’ll want to have both, if you miss the one at home, when you are out for gym, work, travel or anywhere far from home, you will be delighted using your Mini Travel Bidet for when you’re on the go.

What is a portable bidet?

In modern bathrooms, bidet and toilets appliances are often combined, but they are not the same, but historically and functionally they’re completely different devices. As toilet is used to capture waste, bidets are used helping to remove them from you after using a toilet. The bidet (full-sized models or portable) sprays water on the anus and/or genitals to remove unwanted material and cleansing you.

Both (attachable and portable bidets) feature the same basic ability: removing feces remaining after elimination, aiding feminine hygiene for menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum cleansing, cleaning before & after sexual activity, assist senior citizens and disabled individuals, relief hemorrhoids pain and itch, relieves constipation and prevent many diseases like urinary tract infection (UTI), among many other great health benefits.

A Boos Bidet | Mini Travel Bidet does the same, in a slightly different way than your home attachable bidet. Instead of being attached to your toilet seat, the portable system is an especially designed bottle containing a small portion of water (12.5 oz - 380 ml, enough for your after bathroom session) with retractable nozzles, that you can discreetly carry anywhere you need to.

How does Mini Travel Bidet Work?

Does it really work? The answer is a definitive Yes.

Our portable bidets work in a mechanical way (squeezing the bottle). For people with special medical needs, in addition to water, you can fill the bottle with disinfectant, or other medications prescribed by your doctor.

You can take your Mini Travel Bidet with you. To use it, just hold it in your hand and fill with water tighten the cap, place a finger in the built-in “airlock” located at the bottom to prevent unwanted leakage and turn over, remove the finger from the “airlock”, flip and aim the nozzle to spray where you need. Then, you only need to gently squeeze the bottle to start cleaning. After that, just dry with 1-2 sheets of toilet paper. Now you are ready to walk away feeling shower clean, everywhere you need.

It is a low-cost solution for your needs. Yet, for that low cost, it will do a great job.

Let’s dig into some of the features:

- It is a fine portable bidet you can carry anywhere you go.

- It comes with a carrying bag.

- It holds 380 ml (12.5 oz) of water. This provides a great spray period, eliminating any need to refill during your session.

- It is a big benefit for the elderly or people with recent surgeries or mobility problems because it is a very soft-squeeze bottle.

- A really helpful feature is the central portion bottle design has a curve that improves your grip.

- Very robust material.

- As you would expect from one of the world’s top bidet manufacturers, even our portable bidets are very high quality.

- With only a little practice using the squeeze bottle, you can vary the pressure continuously.

- Hits a nice “Sweet spot” in price, size, portability, and functionality. 

- The bottle itself is small enough to fill in any public restroom but yet holds enough amount of water.

- Retractable nozzles give you two slightly different spraying angles simultaneously, not that far apart, so you can cover an entire needed area very efficiently.

- The longer nozzle provides an extra space between the Mini Travel Bidet and you. A very helpful feature for people with difficulty reaching around. i.e. back pain sufferers.

- Our quality control is very strong in every product coming from the manufacturing plant. It is a key for our design. Boos Bidet is a quality seal.

- Some people use Mini Travel Bidets at home, but they’re intended to be “on the go” when out of your home. For home use, we have bidet attachments designed to attach directly under your toilet seat. Please check our shop and blog for further information. You will find the perfect solution to your and your family needs, a great and sexy design that will fit perfectly in your bathroom.


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What is a Bidet Attachment?

Boss Bidet | Bidet Attachment

Attachable bidets became very popular in the U.S. over the past few years. They have all the features of a stand-alone bidet, but they will make your life easier as an all-in-one-place solution. Our amazing bidets attachments offer adjustable sprays, adjustable pressure and more great features from the control panel. They are still inexpensive, and holding a great eco-friendly mechanical (non-electric) and ergonomic design, bringing to your home, what we call “The Future of Hygiene”.

What is a Bidet Attachment?

Our bidet attachments offer a similar water spray or the same kind of controls that a stand-alone bidet or bidet toilet seat. They’re smaller and fit between your existing toilet and toilet seat. But the best part: You don’t need to replace the existing seat! As they offer most the functions of a stand-alone bidet or bidet seat, our bidet attachments work just like their big brothers. Our attachments will spray water from their dual nozzles. A great feature is these self-cleaning dual nozzles are also retractable (when not in use) allowing for the feminine wash for the females in the house and posterior wash for the whole family, avoiding the need for unpleasant maintenance efforts and they will provide a fresh shower clean feeling.

Both (attachable and portable bidets) feature the same basic ability: removing feces remaining after elimination, aiding feminine hygiene for menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum cleansing, cleaning before & after sexual activity, assist senior citizens and disabled individuals, relief hemorrhoids pain and itch, relieves constipation and prevent many diseases like urinary tract infection (UTI), among many other great health benefits.

The pressure control will be of particular help to those troubled by constipation and is the result of good research and manufacturing quality.

Picking the best bidet attachment for everyone could seem difficult, but here at Boss Bidet, we worked hard to design our products and offer reliability and great features at an affordable price, backed up by dozens of positive customer reviews and feedback.

How to Install a Bidet Attachment?

One of the many advantages of an attachment over a bidet seat (in addition to its lower cost) is that they’re really easy to install. You can do it yourself in only 15 minutes.

All you need is the width of the T-adaptor (included with your purchase of any Boss Bidet | Bidet Attachment) to match your toilet. The good news is, that it is a universal toilet fit that will work with any standard two-piece toilet available on the US market. Another thing that helps that “universality” is the fact that our bidet attachments are 100% eco-friendly! They are mechanical devices that require no electrical connection. So, you will get a new healthy life, and also will help the planet and our forest, reducing the use of paper to only 1-2 sheets of paper when drying after using your Boss Bidet | Bidet Attachment. a hands-free water cleansing for front and rear cleaning. It is designed to be used for both, female and male individuals, giving them a perfect fresh shower clean feeling.

Don’t worry if you’re not a skilled do-it-yourself when it comes to home improvement, anyone can install a bidet attachment in no more than 15 minutes.

You won’t even need a screwdriver, but we recommend an open-ended crescent wrench to ensure a great fit.

You need to remove the toilet seat, by removing the plastic “wingnuts” underneath the toilet (near the back.)

Place the attachment adjusting the brackets until they line up with the toilet holes. Then reattach your toilet seat by screwing the toilet seat back in place. Tighten everything down, finger tight. (Never over-tighten.)

Next, you need to turn off toilet water supply by turning the valve on the wall (usually near the base of the toilet). If you don’t find it there, maybe you will find it’s under the sink. To move forward, you need to drain out the water by flushing the toilet.

It’s always recommended to put some towels under the hose assembly (just in case) to catch up any residual water when disconnecting the hose from the toilet tank.

Make sure the rubber washers are placed carefully into the supplied adaptor. After that, connect the adaptor to the toilet tank’s, reconnect the water connection hose to the adaptor.

To finalize, connect the supplied Boss Bidet hose to the adaptor and bidet inlet. Open water supply and flush the toilet.

For more details, please see your attachment’s installation manual or check our video tutorials (Please Click Here).


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